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Drop in rate is $10/day or $20/week.

Included in all memberships is full use of the facility and all classes on our schedule.

One year memberships will receive a free Personal Training session to get you started.


For questions please call 934.1157 or email

Contact Info

101 W. Broadway Ave.
St. Peter, MN 56082
(email for fastest response)


Member Access Hours:
Everyday: 4am-10pm

Open/Staffed Hours-
*Please EMAIL (best option) OR CALL for an appt. to tour our facility, during staffed hours we may be teaching or training.
Monday -Friday: 8am-11am
Tuesday/Thursday Afternoons: 6-7pm


I like the variety in classes offered and equipment available at The Pulse. It challenges my body in different ways and I never get bored! Meeting new people and establishing friendships is a wonderful benefit when exercising. I appreciate the promotion of fitness for all age ranges and gender with the emphasis on adapting workouts to everyone’s abilities and goals. I love the bright colors, welcoming environment, expanded hours with keyless entry, and opportunity to read my favorite magazines. For a small town fitness studio, we sure do get a lot of workout options for a reasonable fee compared to the Cities. Lucky us!!! K.Bach